Frequently asked questions

What Products Do You Carry?

We carry the full Kevin.Murphy line and The Awaken line from Surface and a few other favorites from Surface! All our products are all cuelty free, vegan and most are gluten free!

Are Children Allowed?

Fringe requests that your children stay home out of respect for the other customers in the salon unless absolutly neccesary.

What is the refund policy?

At Fringe Hair & Co. our intent is for each customer’s satisfaction. Returns and refunds are limited to the following situations: 1. Services received cannot be refunded. We will gladly adjust any service you receive within four days of your service. If you are not satisfied with the work performed, we require that you return to the salon so that your hair can be visually inspected. At that time, we will make every effort to correct any problems to your satisfaction by rescheduling you with the stylist who performed the initial service, at no additional charge to you. If you still are unhappy we may choose to return your gratuity on a case by case basis. 2. Refunds on products will only be considered if presented within 7 days of purchase. Products can only be refunded if unused and in its original packaging. If product is opened or used it is possible that a restocking fee will be charged. 3. No refunds are given for gift card orders. 4. Gift card orders are not exchangeable. *Fringe Hair & Co. can only garuntee your haircolors longevity if you are using one of our reccomended or approved professional shampoos at home*

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