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Meet Natalie

Hi There!! I'm Natalie owner of FRINGE HAIR & CO and I am thrilled to be introducing myself  as so! It has only been my job title since January 2nd 2018!! Before that I was working my way here on big dreams, determination , lots of coffee, and love and support from people like you!!


I moved here  from Newport Beach California in 2012 after attending an arts based high school in Orange County. At that point I had no idea what type of artist I was but it helped guide me in the direction that would ultimately become my career in hair and fashion at the age of 17!

While opening this salon is one of my greatest achievements I am also proud of a few other things. In 2016 I hosted a fashion show featuring designs from loca Fort Collins female owned small buisnesses. and also in 2016 I won #6 in Behind the Chairs "Top 10 Colors of 2016" award with my "Ice Blue Melt" with 16k likes on Instagram! In addition to these accomlishments in my career I am also extremely proud to have sustained a 4 year relationship with my partner Colton and we have rescued 2 cats and our dog Whiskey! In my life I am fulfilled by both my personal and work life since theyre honestly one in the same.

My clients are as important as family to me and when you are in my shop you are treated as so. You will always have a friend in me, even if that friend has to talk you out of bangs for the 3rd time this year!

I specialize in balayage hair painting, all things blondes, and pretty much anything that includes hair color. I am Fort Collins only certified BelloHaven Hair extension stylist, which is a LOCAL line of keratin bond I-tip 2 gram strand extensions (they're freaking amazing). As far as haircutting goes, I love helping girls with thick hair add movement and remove weight. I have a signature Long Bob haircut that I could never get sick of, and  If its on Pinterest, I've seen it and can probably help you! Pixie cuts, textured bobs, and long layered hair are my calling!

So if you're looking for a friend, a passionate stylist, or a quirky weirdo to spend your pamper time with, you've come to the right place!!


Meet Madi

I’m Madi, otherwise known as @mermadihair!
•I’ve been a stylist since January 2013 (almost 7 years! ) and I love it now more than ever!
•I work at @fringefoco and I love my salon and coworkers 

•I’m best at blonde and pastels! I also love cutting a trendy long bob.
•I am passionate about all aspects of hair, and also love doing extensions, color, and cuts.
•I have a little dog named Lola (who I’m sure you’ve heard about if you’ve been in my chair)
•In my free time I like to embroider, knit, play with makeup, play video games, walk with my dog, binge Netflix, and spend time with friends and family.

•Fun fact: I’m a Fort Collins native

Meet Jessie

Jessie has always had a passion for pretty much anything you would label as girly. Makeup has always been a way to help her achieve one of her lifelong missions- to help empower women to be their best selves, and have their outsides match their insides. 


Jessie was a self-taught makeup artist until she got her “big break” in college. She landed an internship with one of seven Education Executives for a well known cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. It was here that she finally got the formal education for makeup that she had always wanted, as well as an inside look to what it takes to be a cosmetics educator. Jessie freelanced her way through finishing her undergraduate degree in Communications at a small private school in Southern California, where she is originally from. 


After college Jessie went on to work at one of the top three Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counters in the country in Scottsdale, AZ. In a world full of Kardashians, Jessie identified with Bobbi’s philosophy that makeup should be a tool to enhance what you’ve got, not completely change your face. After working at a high-volume makeup counter with high-volume sales goals for a few years, Jessie started to lose her love of makeup artistry and decided it was time to make a career change and go back to freelancing. It was then that Jessie decided she was going to focus on bridal makeup, and for the last five years she has done just that. 


Since she has become an authority in bridal beauty, Jessie now finds herself branching out to do more types of makeup which includes, but is not limited to: boudoir makeup, special event makeup, makeovers, 1-on-1 makeup lessons, and private makeup workshops. With coming into Fringe Hair & Co. she plans on making her makeup education more relevant to the every day woman. Want to learn how to wing your eyeliner? Jessie can help with that. Want to get your makeup done for a hot date? She can help with that too. 


When you can’t find Jessie at Fringe, you can find her blogging about all the girly things over, working on her other business she shares with her husband, Cheat Day Eatery, a mobile food cart that you can find at many local breweries in Fort Collins, CO, working on some sort of personal development (she will be attending Life Coach school starting in May 2018), or enjoying some time outside riding her bike and enjoying all the things that Fort Collins has to offer. Whether you are contemplating a makeover, lesson, or hiring Jessie for your big day, you won’t find a happier human being to do the job! 

Natalie Britt

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Owner, Lead Stylist, BelloHaven Hair Extensions Specialist, Balayage and Blonde Master.

Madison Larson

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Marissa Stendardo

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Stylist, Lived In Color Specialist, Blondes, Balayage, Babylights.

BelloHaven Certified.